Disposable Republic

by brokenbirthday

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A concept album about love and war.

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released February 12, 2016

Track 2 is a cover of "The Blue", originally written and recorded by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


brokenbirthday Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: That Magical Kind Of Nothing (A Celebration, If You Will)
I leave the lights turned on
to see what you've done wrong,
and I hope you learned this time,
but we know better.
Now, the tides begin to change,
while we remain the same.
So you can all go home,
and think it's for the better.
Track Name: Free
Broken and dull blade on hot skin, no close shave
I'm shaking for something else to give
But life is not a victory march into the shade
The sun is all-consuming above buried kith and kin

One more life
One more time
If only love was free

Out of the night that covers me
I stumble forward breathing deep
the ashes of my enemies and friends
And on the nightmares horsemen ride,
pillaging what's left of life
devouring the young,
and turning grey once and (youthful/useful) men

*Credit to Cohen and Henley where due.
Track Name: A Noble Lie, part 1
I made you a promise I plan to keep
You told me to be safe, I told you don't weep
A world of steel and bone spins around
And I wish I could show you the sound, the sound

but we know
we all know what matters
we know
we all know who matters
and it shows

All of the breaks in all of the bones
Are whispering warnings to unbroken stones
Like three unkept promises, a wish to atone
The greatest of these was leaving you alone

If the whole world's a stage
then I am beat
I am reeling
And all of my names
they are weak
but they are healing
and I am free
Track Name: Sơn Mỹ
You thought the worst was over
What a terrible thing to do
We stripped the streets in shackles
And wrote our names in black and blue
A pair of eyes so sober
A pair of hands that grasp for truth
You thought the worst was over
Oh, what a terrible thing to do

A shattered winter soldier
Gaze on all you have to lose
Led astray by jackals
They board the vessel, two by two
Now there's a hole below her
With lead and teeth you fill it true
A plan to be her lover
A plan to make her fill it too

Whirlwind composer
Take the ones left far from view
Come and raise your hackles
Damn us all with one fell swoop
A child under mother
Covered in her life withdrew
Plan to be her savior
Plan to let her make it through

You thought the worst was over
What a terrible thing to do
We stripped the streets in shackles
And wrote our names in black and blue
A pair of eyes so sober
(A million eyes are lowered)
A pair of hands that grasp for truth
(A pair of hands that veil the truth)
You thought the worst was over
Oh, what a terrible thing to do
Track Name: A Lesson in Battling Demons
Softly bitten skin before me
And eyes enthralling by design
If I perish here
inside this febrile prison
I leave you all my hopes and spite

Marble lips merge into my own
Your body spurring its desires
And all I know
Is I am barely breathing
Its only hopeless if I try

“We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves. The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone. Embraced, the lovers desperately try to fuse their insulated ecstasies into a single self-transcendence; in vain. By its very nature every embodied spirit is doomed to suffer and enjoy in solitude. Sensations, feelings, insights, fancies—all these are private and, except through symbols and at second hand, incommunicable.” (Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception)

If you leave it open
I'm crawling back on top
I don't mind
If you mind
But I'll make you understand why

All the words are spoken
And now I have the floor
I'll make you
forget your name
Forget why you ever came here
Track Name: Prayer
I've thrown away
all the stones you gave me
in hopes I'll float back to
the top.

And I can see the light,
it beckons me down deeper,
but dear Lord, I want
to breathe.